Bargat is the Hindi word for the Banyan tree, which is found in India and many other countries of the world. It has roots, that come down from the branches, that turn into trunks when they reach the ground.

The tree offers an environment of shelter to humans and animals.

We consider it as an appropriate symbol for a society sharing responsibility and exercising solidarity with people oppressed the world over.

Our president is of Indian origin and has worked for years in the field of basic rights for the poor and underprivileged in India. So it is natural, that we initiate partnerships for solidarity, education and health-improvement for the NGOs and other groups in India.

Our primary aim is to empower and support societies and organisations working (in India or elsewhere) to enhance the chances of the disadvantaged and suppressed.

We engage in projects striving to achieve better education, health-conditions for the children and youth of marginalised groups.

We strive to :

  • enhance networking of groups already involved

  • offer scholarships for the poor
  • give further training for people and NGOs working on education, in India and in Germany

  • Improve health-care for the marginalized


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